Monday, 18 September 2017

NAPD R5 AGM - Tuesday Oct 3rd with CSL & Ms. Mary Nihill

Dear colleague,

Welcome back and I sincerely hope that the new year has gone well for you all thus far and you remain brimful of enthusiasm for the year ahead. đŸ˜ It's that time of year again for Region 5 of NAPD and our AGM is scheduled to take place on Tuesday 3rd October in Langton's Hotel Kilkenny at 3pm. Obviously, this is an extremely busy time of the year for all of us, but your presence on the day is of paramount importance to the work that NAPD endeavors to carry out both locally and nationally on our behalf.


Guest Speaker

Ms Mary Nihill

Former President of NAPD, and first National Director for the Centre School Leadership, andPrincipal of Calasactius School in Oranmore, Galway, will speak with us regarding Leadership, Mentoring and Coaching.

The following is a link to the CSL website:
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This promises to be an exciting opportunity for the region and I would greatly appreciate if members could forward this email to newly appointed colleagues and friends by way of an open invitation to them to come along on the afternoon.  It should also prove to be an excellent opportunity to speak with regard to NAPD and obviously the annual conference in Killarney this year.

The AGM is scheduled to begin at 4pm.
  • Agree dates and locations for the year ahead
  • Executive report
  • NAPD Conference 2017
  • Election of Officers
  • AOB

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me at the details provided.

Darius Delahunty
NAPD Region 5
Deputy Principal
ColĂĄiste DĂșn Iascaigh, Cahir

Friday, 2 June 2017

Region 5 Summer Seminar - Book Now!! June 16th & 17th

Region 5 Summer Seminar 2017 - Kelly's Resort Hotel, Rosslare
June 16th and June 17th 2017

Dear Principal and Deputy Principal,

Please find attached booking form for our annual seminar in Kelly’s Resort hotel in Wexford which will take place on Friday 16th and Saturday 17th June.  Rooms are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment.

Friday 16th June

5.50pm            Cloudschool

6.00pm            Ms Jacinta Kitt

"How a Positive school environment benefits effectiveness and well-being" 

Jacinta is a former primary teacher, a lecturer in Trinity College on leadership and management (M.Ed.) course and Marino Institute on Emotional Intelligence and Communication on the B.Ed. and B.Sc. courses. She has also worked with schools for over twenty years on positive environment issues with extensive expertise in workplace bullying. 
Author of books such as Positive Behaviours, Relationships and Emotions and The Heart of Leadership in a School. 
Having presented at NAPD National Conference we are delighted to welcome Jacinta to our seminar where we are sure that she will deliver another inspiring session for our Region 5 members. 

8.00pm            Evening Meal

Saturday 17th June

10.30am          Mr Joe O’Connell

                        ‘Top 20 comments all leaders hear and how to process them!’

Joe O’ Connell is retired Director of Limerick Education Centre, he is also a former post-primary school principal and held the position of Director of St. Senan’s Education Office, the education secretariat for the Catholic Dioceses of Limerick, Kerry and Killaloe. Joe has extensive experience in addressing issues around challenging behaviour and the management of relationships and communication within and across the school community. Joe currently supports the work of the Centre for School Leadership and is academic advisor to LCETB on Leading Learning and Teaching.
We are delighted to welcome Joe to our seminar this year and look forward to what promises to be a humorous reflection on the role of senior management.

Regarding the appointment of so many Deputy Principals and Principals this year, NAPD Region 5 would like to take this opportunity to extend an invitation to these new appointees to join us in Kelly’s and we would appreciate if you could forward this information and booking form to them on our behalf.  This is an excellent opportunity for newly appointed Principals and Deputies to meet in the relaxed surroundings of Kelly’s and to perhaps gather some useful information and contacts for the years ahead.

I would also like to point out that NAPD National Conference will take place on the 19th & 20th October in the Malton Hotel, Killarney.  Please use the following link to make an early booking and assure yourself of a place:

this is obviously a special year for NAPD Region 5 as our President for 2017-2018 in Mr Cathnia O’Muircheartaigh, Principal of Pobal Scoil OsraĂ­ and it be nice to mark this special occasion with a strong representation from Region 5.

Should you have any queries pleased do not hesitate to contact me.

Darius Delahunty
Deputy Principal,
ColĂĄiste DĂșn Iascaigh,
Co. Tipperary

Registration Form
Conference 16th/17th June 2017

Principal/Deputy Principal:        ____________________________________________
Newly appointed 2017-2018      Yes        No
School Name:                               ____________________________________________
School Address:                           ____________________________________________
Telephone No.: (School)             ____________________________________________    
Telephone No. (Mobile)              ____________________________________________
E-Mail                                            ____________________________________________

Signed:           ____________________________________________
Please enclose cheque for €160, payable to NAPD
This includes 1 night's accommodation, B&B and 1 evening meal. Cost for Spouses will be approximately €130 payable directly to Kelly's Hotel.

Please return to:
Darius Delahunty, ColĂĄiste DĂșn Iascaigh, Cashel Road, Cahir, Co. Tipperary

Friday, 12 May 2017

Notes from R5 meeting - May 11th 2017

Region 5 NAPD meeting on Thursday May 11th 2017
Venue: Harry’s Bar, Langton’s, Kilkenny

The Guest Speakers were Ms. Joan Russell, ETBI and Ms. Margaret Maxwell, Director, Kilkenny EC.

Ms. Joan Russell, ETBI – Instructional Leadership

Ms. Russell gave background information on herself and then background information on the ETBI Instructional Leadership course with Professor Barrie Bennett.
The Instructional Leadership course is a 2-year residential programme. Cohort 10 is due to start in October 2017 with a waiting list for cohort 11 currently being filled due to start in October 2018.
One of the main aims of the Instructional Leadership Programme is to develop a teachers language and skills around Teaching and Learning. Teachers that attend look at the science behind the different methodologies used in the classroom, e.g. groupwork, mindmaps, traffic light systems etc. The IL programme brings these strategies back to the basics and creates a safe environment for both Teaching ans Learning to take place. Ms. Russell mentioned that the ILP is now being mentioned, and in some instances recommended, in DES inspection reports. The IL Programme also lends itself to many frameworks that schools must now work within e.g. Looking at Our Schools, 2016.
Ms. Russell said that the ILP programme would like to connect with NAPD both regionally and nationally in order to promote and support the ‘train the trainer’ ideology behind Professor Barrie Bennett’s vision.

Points of Information: (Pictures of posters attached)
·         A day of Learning for Principals and Deputy Principals will take place on June 19th in Mount Wolseley Hotel, Tullow, Co. Carlow.
·         Instructional Leadership Programme, National Conference 2017, Friday 13th and Saturday the 14th October 2017 in Mount Wolseley Hotel, Tullow, Co. Carlow.

Ms. Margaret Maxwell, Director Kilkenny Education Centre

Ms. Maxwell is the newly appointed Director of Kilkenny Education Centre. She welcomed this opportunity to engage with Post Primary Leaders. She spoke about the work and programmes on offer in the centre. She encouraged that teachers contact the centre to act as facilitators/tutors. She spoke about the upcoming Research Conference on June 19th 2017–see picture attached.

NAPD wishes Margaret the very best in her new role.

·         Next meeting is our Summer Seminar in Kelly’s Hotel on June 16th  and 17th 2017. Correspondence will be sent to the region. 
Places are limited so if you would like to provisionally book a room please email

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

May 11th - Instructional Leadership - Getting your staff ready for New JC teaching methodologies!

NAPD Region 5 Meeting - Thursday May 11th 2017

Topic - Instructional Leadership - Getting your staff ready for New JC methodologies!

Venue - Harry's Bar, Langton's Hotel, Kilkenny

Time: 3pm

Guest Speakers - Ms. Joan Russell, Director of Schools Support Services, ETBI

Joan Russell is Director of Schools Support Services for ETB Ireland. Joan was instrumental in engaging Barrie Bennett for the Tullow conferences that inspired the ILP, Joan was Education Officer with Cork ETB following a period as Acting CEO of Co Cork VEC. Joan is responsible for implementing a strategic vision for the future development of the ILP, among other duties. 

What is Instructional Leadership? The theory fosters in teachers a greater awareness of how their actions can impact on critical factors or concepts that affect student learning, such as motivation, novelty, authenticity, safety and accountability. Furthermore, teachers who are instructionally intelligent are acquainted with the extent to which learning may be affected by a range of instructional organisers such as diverse learning styles, multiple intelligences, brain research, ethnicity, gender or “at risk” environments.

All Principal's and Deputy Principal's from Region 5 are welcome to attend.

Refreshments provided,

See you there,

Rachel O' Connor.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Notes from March 2nd meeting - Next meeting is May 11th 2017.

The Guest Speakers were Ms. Clare Ryan, St. Leo’s Carlow and Mr. Leo Hogan, St. Mary’s Academy, Carlow.

Ms. Ryan and Mr. Hogan were present as JCT Associates and delivered a presentation called Curriculum Planning and Timetabling.

·         Those present were informed that a new Circular re: Junior Cycle is due next week.
·         Important documents to read: Framework for Junior Cycle 2015, CC0024/2016, Wellbeing Guidelines for Junior Cycle.
·         Relevant websites:,,,
·         Those present were advised of the new lexicon associated with the new Junior Cycle e.g. syllabus is being replaced with specification.
·         The list of topics discussed were :
o   Key messages for JC
o   Number of Subjects for certification
o   Wellbeing requirements for 2017 and beyond
o   Considering 40 minute and 60 minute classes
o   Timetabling scenarios
o   Next steps
·         Please use the following link which will direct you to the JCT Leadership support page including the Timetabling Spreadsheet.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

NAPD R5 - Curriculum Planning for 40 mins and 1 hour classes - ThursdayMarch 2nd

Our next meeting for Region 5 NAPD is Thursday March 2nd, 2017

Circular Letter 0024/2016

Arrangements for the Implementation of the Framework for Junior Cycle with particular reference to school years 2015/16 and 2016/2017 

2.10. Timetabling The teaching and learning activities that will take place in the revised junior cycle programmes will encompass a wider range of activities, a new balance between the development of skills and competences and the development of students’ knowledge.
To facilitate this learning and the implementation of good formative assessment practices, a minimum class period of 40 minutes will be required. As at present, certain subjects will require double class periods (2 x 40 minutes) during the school week. 
As soon as it is practicable to do so, schools should move to ensure that class periods of less than 40 minutes are not timetabled. Some schools may find the use of longer class periods of up to 60 minutes (rather than 40 minutes), more suited to the learning needs of their students and the subjects they study.
It should be noted that, for the 2017/18 and subsequent school years, all class periods must be of no less than 40 minutes duration and that class periods of less than 40 minutes duration may not be timetabled. 

NAPD Region 5 Meeting - Thursday March 2nd

Topic - Curriculum Planning and Timetabling

Venue - Harry's Bar, Langton's Hotel, Kilkenny

Time: 3pm

Guest Speakers - Ms. Clare Ryan, Principal St. Leo's Carlow and Mr. Leo Hogan, Principal, St. Mary's Carlow.

Both of our guest speakers are Leadership Associates with JCT. Leo Hogan was also a guest speaker at a recent PDST Forbairt meeting where he discussed the change over to 1 hour classes, the advantages and pitfalls.

All Principal's and Deputy Principal's from Region 5 are welcome to attend.

Refreshments provided,

See you there,

Rachel O' Connor.

Friday, 3 February 2017

Retirees honoured in St. Kieran's College on Tuesday!

Tuesday evening saw the annual gathering of Regional 5 members to honour our recent Retirees. The gathering took place in The Parlour of St. Kieran's College in Kilkenny hosted by Principal Adrian Finan. A very special thank you to Adrian and St. Kieran's who gifted the refreshments to NAPD.
The nominators all spoke glowingly about the Retirees and all wished each any one a very healthy & happy retirement. A common theme throughout all the speeches was the importance of supporting each other and how NAPD provided an important conduit for that to happen.

The Retirees honoured included;

  • Frank McKenna 
  • Dorothy Hughes
  • Anne Foley
  • Tony Slattery
  • Seamus Murphy
  • John J Haugh (in absentia)
  • Kathleen Hession (in absentia)
Each retiree was presented with a small gift  from NAPD President, and Region 5 member, Cathnia O Muircheartaigh.

After the speeches by both the Retirees and Nominators, NAPD heard from Guest Speaker Dr. David Carey, Consulting Psychologist. David was employed for many years as the Coordinator of Special Education and Programme Development at the Froebel College of Education, one of  Ireland’s five primary teacher-training colleges. He has recently decided to pursue his primary interests, the private practice of psychology and writing books. He is a psychologist with 25 years experience in both clinical and educational settings. David's dulcet tones can be heard regularly on Newstalk as a guest on the Moncreiff Show!

David spoke very eloquently about the transition from working life to retirement and had advice abound for our retirees! David also spoke to the 30 guests present about the power that we have as educators to change, save and shape the lives of the young people in our care. David was a pleasure to listen to and delivered a truly uplifting and thought provoking speech to R5 members.

The evening then moved to Rinuccini's Restaurant, Kilkenny for a lovely meal. 

Our next meeting will be held in Langton's Kilkenny on March 9th at 3pm. Full details to follow.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Rachel O' Connor, Chairperson.